Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the fields?

Our fields are located throughout the towns of Babylon and Islip. Keep in mind we play on turf and non-turfed fields.

What type of leagues do you offer?

We offer Men젃o-ed and Womenĩvisions.

What days and times do you offer?

Menӵnday morning 8:30 AM & 9:00 AM starts
Menӵnday afternoons 2:00 PM / 2:30 PM starts
Menӵnday nights 5:30 PM & 8:15 PM mixed starts
Menӡturday nights 5:30 PM & 8:15 PM mixed starts
Menץeknight Twi-night 6:00 PM starts
Menץeknights 8:30 PM starts
Co-ed Weeknight Twi-night 6:00 PM starts
Co-ed Saturday nights 5:30 PM & 8:15 PM mixed starts
Womenץeknight Twi-night 6:30 PM starts
Friday Night Over 35 Co-ed 8:30 PM starts

How much of a deposit do I need to register my team?

We require a minimum deposit of $450.00 in order to hold your spot.

Do I have to provide a forfeit bond?

We do not collect a forfeit bond, if your team forfeits your season will be put on hold until any fees owed the umpires have been paid.
The easiest way to avoid any delays is to pay the umpire directly at the field on that day.

How many players can I have on my roster?

You can have up to 20 players on your roster.

Is Insurance included in the league fee?

Player Insurance Coverage is NOT included in the league fee and is a separate fee that must be obtained through the NSA web site Insurance Info prior to participation in any practices or league scheduled games

Will my team play on holiday weekends?

We will not have any games scheduled on Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend.

What are the umpire fees?

The umpire fees are $50 per doubleheader per team
**Women's 6:30 PM League single games are $26.00 per game

What do I do if I get rained out?

If you get rained out, you must contact the league official immediately to reschedule your game. Unlike some other leagues we do make up our rain outs.

What are the levels of play?

We offer 3 levels of play:
A/B - (very competitive established teams that have either won a league championship or were a division champion)
C - (average level - most teams fall in this category)
D - (beginner- new or first-time teams).

How do your play-offs work?

All of our teams make the play-offs in every division regardless of their record. Each play-off series consists of the best 2-of-3 games in order to advance to the next round.

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What type of awards do the winners receive?

Awards are based on the amounts of teams in each division. A league director can answer this question prior to your team signing up for the league

What is your policy on rosters?

A roster of your team must be provided by the deadline set forth by the league. This will ensure compliance during the play-offs.

What softball organization are you affiliated with?

The New Alliance Softball League is affiliated with the NSA (National Softball Association).

Is bunting or stealing permitted?

No, bunting and stealing is not permitted.

Does my team have to provide bases?

Yes, your team is required to have bases.

Are uniforms required?

No, uniforms are not required. However, many teams do wear some type of matching team jersey or T-shirt.

How many players must I have in order to avoid forfeiting a game?

You must have minimum 8 players in order to avoid a forfeit.

Do batters start with a 1 ball and 1 strike count?

All games played will be a 1 ball & 1 strike count with the only exception for women's leagues, which will start with a 0 ball & 0 strike count.

How do I sign up?

Click here to register online.